Your Guide on How to Get Real Estate Leads Online

Generating real estate leads can be a challenging task, and converting them into successful sales is even more difficult. Whether you're a seasoned real estate investor or just starting out, mastering the art of online lead generation is crucial for sustained success. Merely identifying a lead is only the first step. The real challenge lies in converting those leads into closed deals. Fortunately, with the right tools and strategies, you can effectively generate real estate leads online and increase your chances of securing successful sales. In this article, we'll discuss effective techniques and tools to help you improve your online lead generation efforts and close more deals.
How to get real estate leads online



It can be difficult to track down real estate leads, and even more so to convert them to positive sales. Even if you’re a veteran in the real estate investment game, knowing how to get real estate leads online is a skill that needs constant improvement. Finding a lead to follow is only half the battle. Actually converting those leads into closed deals is another risky step in the process. With the right tools and techniques, however, you can easily generate leads and secure more sales.

How to Get Real Estate Leads Online

To find real estate leads, you need to know where to look. Generating a list of contacts can take some time, but it’s worth the effort you put in. With the right business connections and software, finding quality leads doesn’t have to be difficult.

Research Databases

Connecting to a database of property owners and identifying which may be more likely to sell is a great way to research the properties and find new leads. You can also go directly to databases with owners that are already selling their homes to try and get a jump on any other competition. Making network connections to find the right avenues can help you gather more leads when you need them.

Mine Your Own Database

One of the best ways to get real estate leads online is to utilize the contacts you already have. Most marketing ventures aren’t just a one and done sort of deal. You need to set up a consistent flow with leads to help turn them into deals. If you want to get more leads, you need to stay up to date on your CRM. Reaching back out to unresponsive leads can help you close more deals without having to research new properties.

Utilize Other Channels

Having a social media presence or website is a great way for others to find you as well. By utilizing email chains, blogs, and social media posts, you can contact leads you might not find elsewhere. But keeping track of all these leads can be difficult, so converting them all to one, easy-to-use SMS engagement platform can help you stay on top of your business.

Using SMS Marketing to Convert Leads

Once you’ve found your leads, you need to convert them into closed deals. Converting leads with PPC (paid per click) advertising or direct mail is expensive and passive; they don’t offer the kick potential sellers need to make a move. PPC advertising can quickly drain your budget, and you’re stuck waiting on the website algorithms to show people your services. Direct mail helps get your information directly into their hands, but direct mail often ends up directly in the trash or left in a pile on a table somewhere.

With SMS advertising, however, you can increase your reach and your control over every lead you have. SMS marketing has the highest open rate of any other marketing strategy, and most companies aren’t utilizing it. This means you can get a leg up on other investors by texting potential leads. When leads get an email or direct mail, they’re not likely to look at it. But nearly everyone opens a new text. And with the right campaign and wording, your texts can be seen by more and more property owners who are willing to sell their real estate.

Launch Control’s SMS Marketing Tools and Lead Generation

If you want to learn how to get real estate leads online or convert them to closed deals, count on Launch Control for support. Our robust SMS engagement platform is the best way for real estate investors to generate leads and close on deals. We offer a detailed contact system that helps you tag and organize your leads as well as access to databases and other lead-generating avenues. With our detailed analytics reporting, you can see exactly how effective your SMS marketing is. With an open rate over 90%, Launch Control helps you invest in more properties and boost your revenue. To get started with Launch Control’s SMS engagement tool and build your lead base, talk to an SMS/REI expert today.

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