Where Can I Find Motivated Wholesale Real Estate Leads?


Finding motivated wholesale real estate leads is essential for any real estate investor. It is a process that requires thorough research and action. If you intend to invest in real estate, you can have an upper hand in the industry by looking out for places where you can get these leads and the signs that can lead you to them. 


But, where do you find motivated wholesale real estate leads? What signs do you look out for? Let’s get some answers in this article. 


What is a Motivated Wholesale Real Estate Leads?

In the real estate industry, finding leads goes down to you as an investor. You are the buyer. In basic terms, finding motivated real estate leads involves discovering properties the owners are eager to dispose of. In other words, you are searching for properties some individuals are eager to sell. This occurs due to some reasons such as:


  • Inheritance – When the heir cannot manage an estate, he will be more eager to sell the property.
  • Life  Situations – Owners are motivated to sell their properties due to separation, death of a family member, or even divorce.
  • Relocation – When owners find a job in a new place, they are more eager to sell.
  • Damaged Property – When the property requires extensive repairs and renovation, the owner may choose to sell rather than renovate.
  • Foreclosure – When the owners cannot continue with a mortgage payment, they can sell their property quickly. 


Now that you know why individuals become motivated to sell, what signs do you look out for during this process? 


  • Price – The seller is willing to sell at a lower price below the market value (10-30%).
  • Terms – The seller is ready to favor you with sales terms such as 0% interest, financing, or no money down.


Where To Find Motivated Real Estate Leads?

  • Visit your Local Courthouse

Your local courthouse is a great source for finding real estate leads who are motivated to sell. They have lots of data/files that can indicate whether a homeowner may be a potential lead. A great example is the delinquent tax list. The delinquent tax list stores a plethora of information on property owners who are delinquent with taxes. Here, you can find their names, addresses, and other vital details that can indicate whether they are motivated sellers. 

  • Specialized Websites

Some specialized websites can help you find motivated real estate leads at a wholesale level. An example is LaunchControl which enables you to find the right motivated wholesale leads. All you have to do is to filter the search list by inputting tax information, market values, property types, and other relevant factors.

  • Networking

Networking with some individuals in specific fields can expose you to more motivated leads. For instance, attorneys often work with clients that intend to sell their homes due to divorce, bankruptcy, and all. Building relationships with these individuals can get you more leads. 


Other specialized workforces you can work with include county and city inspectors. County and city inspectors always update their list by checking properties that are up to code or not. They point out properties that have issues such as zoning violations, unpermitted upgrades, septic system violations, and others. When a property owner has so many issues, he may be motivated to sell. Networking with these individuals can give you insights and help you to compile your list.

  • Direct Mail Marketing

Thanks to advances in technology, you can send direct mail to potential leads. Before you do that, you have to conduct research by going through public records. You can check out for some signs such as recent foreclosure, an out-of-state owner, old property owners, absentee owners, and more. Going through these records helps you to compile a list that can propel you in sending direct mails to owners that are willing to sell.

Use Launch Control For your wholesale real estate lead generation

Finding motivated wholesale real estate leads is a tedious process. However, Launch Control is a great tool that can help you and give you the desired results.

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