What is Skip Tracing Real Estate?



Skip tracing real estate can make your business more rewarding, but you have to put in the effort. There are some challenges you are going to find along the way, and it is up to you to look for a good solution. Finding the right deals is going to make a lot of difference when working in real estate. 


Imagine you spot a vacant house and you think it can be a good addition to your portfolio. It can be hard to know the owner of a given property. Most people will check out the local property records, but come back without anything. This is something that many have to go through, but there is a solution. Skip tracing real estate can benefit your business.


What is skip tracing real estate?


This is the process of trying to locate the owner of a given property. Real estate investors can use it when finding good investment opportunities. Maybe you have heard skip tracing being used to track down a fugitive serving a subpoena or who skipped town. Skip tracing is going to prove useful with your real estate efforts. 


Skip tracing helps agents find sellers. There are some investors who reach out to real estate agents so they can help them track down the owner of a given property. The goal of skip tracing in real estate is finding the owner’s name, phone number, current address, and email address. If that property is owned by an LLC, then you have to look for information about the owner.


Skip tracing real estate can be useful in a number of ways. You can find the owner of a given property and also distressed properties. You have a lot of options when you want to find the property owner using skip tracing. Before choosing the method, you first have to decide what you want to accomplish.


Different skip traces will provide different levels of data. The simple ones will give you information like names, phone numbers, and home addresses. There are those that are going to provide you with a lot of information regarding the property like price, the last sale date, and mortgage details. The ones provided by private investigators will give detailed information like vehicles owned and criminal records.


The simple option can work because you can easily find more information using their phone number. If the research is on multifamily properties or commercial real estate, then you might need deeper research. Most of them are owned by business entities, which means you also have to find the owner of those businesses. 


Skip tracing in real estate can provide the investors with opportunities that they might have otherwise not come across. When you have the right data, you can get insights that might help you get the best deal. Finding the right deals is the goal of every real estate investor.


When skip tracing gets you the name and phone of the property owner, you will have to reach out to them and see whether they are interested in selling. Sending out a text message can be a good way to start, but there are times when you have to use the right tools. Launchcontro.us provides you with messaging tools that will help with your real estate efforts. You will have a tool that is going to provide you with data that will help you determine how effective a given campaign is.


Skip tracing real estate will get you the name and numbers, but that is just the start, you have to convince them to sell to you. With launch control, you make the process easier and you can easily know what is working and what isn’t.


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