Understanding How Skip Tracing Real Estate Services Work


Skip Tracing For Real Estate services can prove to be integral for your real estate business. If you are a seasoned real estate investor, chances are that you already know that the best deals on the market can be acquired when you go for distressed or vacant properties. Unfortunately, the downside is that locating absentee property owners is like searching for treasure with no map – to no avail! If you’ve attempted locating distressed homeowners like this, you probably know that using the normal marketing and outreach strategies may not be as effective when it comes to reeling in new quality leads. And this is especially the case when the properties owners are out of town. With such uncertainty involved when it comes to locating motivated sellers, skip tracing real estate services come into play as a viable solution. 


What Are Skip Tracing For Real Estate Services? 


Skip tracing for Real Estate is the process of tracing where a distressed homeowner is located. Real estate professionals track down motivated house sellers using the property owner’s email or phone number to establish contact and get good investments, excellent wholesale deals and listings. And as a professional home investor, establishing contact directly is the best way to transfer information to difficult-to-reach property owners, like absentee owners. Skip tracing is the fastest and most effective method of reaching motivated sellers.


How To Skip Trace 


Skip Tracing is without a doubt the most efficient way to reach property owners. The whole principle of this strategy is acquiring contact information for homeowners who are hard to find. Skip Tracing for real estate is actually pretty straightforward, in that the info you require is often very little. You’ll only need the:


  • Property owner’s full legal name 
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Property address
  • Social security number or other relevant information


In most circumstances, out-of-state or absentee homeowners don’t have their present address on public record. But in the event they left NCOA with a forwarding address, getting a hold of them becomes that much easier. However, the downside to this is that the postal service isn’t mandated to give you the forwarding address of anybody, regardless of the reasons you provide.   


And this is where skip tracing real estate services come into play.


Fortunately, there are a plethora of skip tracing services you can explore online. Searching on your preferred search engine will quickly give you various options you can use.


If you are an investor and are searching for Skip Tracing Real Estate services, you should think about using the launch control platform to get more matches with serious homeowners looking to sell their houses. When you get on the platform, you can expect to get live accurate results in real-time and not days. Launch control guarantees to give a large pool of potential clients and leads you would otherwise struggle to get. The match rate is up to 98% and you’ll only pay once you’ve got a match.


Launch Control Will Improve How You Do Business


Here at Launch Control, we aim to provide you with the best possible leads, with the majority of features accessible in the real estate data software. When you use our platform to skip trace, you can be assured of getting the most accurate and thorough real estate data throughout the country. With over ten years of experience and a whole team of data specialists, we are fully aware of the objectives and needs of users. This know-how is what has propelled us into the most innovative, fastest-growing and reliable data provider in the field.


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