Ultimate Guide on SMS For Realtors

Often, when discussing certain details concerning a property on a phone call, certain details are likely to be left out by mistake or possibly forgotten by the other party. This is where SMS for realtors comes in, details are carefully and strategically constructed and read through to avoid missing out on anything before they are sent out and if the other party forgets, they can easily search for the text on their phones.

These days, fewer and fewer people want to receive phone calls from businesses trying to sell something to them. SMS or text messages seem less confrontational, prompting them to read through and most likely help your conversion as a business. It takes just about 3 minutes to scan through a text.

How Does SMS For Realtors Work?

In the case of a very busy realtor and a busy client, text messages help to keep the communication going. Studies have shown that text messages or SMS have a faster reply rate than emails, check out our research on sms vs email for realtors. Information is passed and replied to faster when text messages are used. Realtors can easily set up appointments for phone calls or site visits using text messages.

The use of keywords in SMS also helps improve the response rate. Keywords are prompts in the form of words or phrases that help a person gather more information about your services from a code through SMS. For example, Text ‘REALTOR’ to 311300 for more information. The keyword here is ‘REALTOR’ while ‘311300’ is a shortcode that opens the door to more information about your services. With keywords, responses are fast, leading to faster and easier conversion.

Benefits Of SMS For Realtors

  • It is faster than any other form of communication. Research has it that it takes about 3 minutes to read 95 percent of a text and also it takes 90 seconds to reply to one. 
  • It doesn’t require internet or data. Text messages are received without the need for cellular data, unlike emails. Text messages come in and go out swiftly without disturbance.
  • SMS provides quicker and stronger responses. Specific questions are attended to and clarifications are made
  • It is simple to use. The more technology grows, the more complex it becomes and this is why SMS is an easier option. It is simple and very basic. Anyone without a technological inclination can easily send and receive a text message.
  • It gives a sense of privacy. With SMS, information is discreetly passed back and forth between a client and a realtor. Nobody overhears conversations made and competitors are less likely to steal your clients.
  • SMS can reach many people at a time. You can send out bulk messages, reaching out to many people at once. It saves you the stress of reaching out one after the other.

Tips for texting your prospects

  • Avoid lengthy texts. Keep your message short and brief for easy scanning. Nobody wants to sit for long minutes scrolling through a letter that should be a simple text. 
  • Use catchy phrases. Always use words or phrases that would attract a prospective client.
  • Keep it simple. Communicate your message in a very simple manner for easy understanding. This for one helps conversion
  • Try to be personal. Use first names or peculiar information. This is a very easy way to get attention.

Take your SMS for Realtors Campaign to the Next Level with Launch Control

SMS as a form of business communication is only used by an average of 6% of realtor businesses, so you don’t want to be lagging on opportunities that would help you reach out to more prospective clients. Contact us today to help you take your realtor business to the next level with our amazing SMS campaign services.