Text Messaging Scripts For Real Estate Agents


Text messaging scripts for real estate agents are essential because even with a solid funnel of leads, the real estate market can be very unpredictable. With such a dynamic industry, it is wise to expect the unexpected, and to be safe, have an arsenal of tools to help you reach out to sellers and buyers. But let’s be honest, even the most interested clients can miss calls and ignore emails. Text messages prove to be one of the best ways to bring back dormant leads without spending a fortune. 


One of the most frequent questions we get at Launch Control is, ”What do I include in my messages?” Well, getting started is always the hardest part. Luckily, thanks to innovation in technology and the appeal of being simple in SMS marketing, you should be in the right direction after completing this read. This guide should be of great help when it comes to real estate text messaging. 


What are the Benefits of Real Estate Text Message Marketing? 


Text messages marketing provides an array of benefits for real estate investors that you cannot afford to overlook. These include: 


1. Share Information Quickly


Text messages will reach your clients where they spend most of their time; on their phones. According to stats, over 50% of local searches are done on smartphones, and so, prospects are likely to see your texts when they are looking up properties on their mobile devices. With real estate text message marketing, you get to engage your leads with simple, quick texts for follow-ups and schedule open houses in a matter of minutes. 


2. Personalized Approach


Text messaging is a channel that’s usually used to get in touch with friends and loved ones, thus making it intimate. Also, most SMS marketing platforms allow you to add a personal touch to each message, even if you send hundreds or thousands at once. 


3. It Cuts Through the Noise


In comparison to email and other forms of digital marketing, there are still numerous companies that are yet to take advantage of text message marketing. This means your messages will not get lost in a pile of other texts meant for marketing purposes. This increases the chances of the texts being read, and ultimately, increasing the number of clients. 


4. Manage Follow-Ups


You can use mass texting to send automatic responses to individuals looking for a house who either called your office or visited your site. Even the best real estate agents tend to struggle with following up on every email and call they receive. However, SMS can help you quickly connect with both existing and potential clients, even if you are not in the office. In addition to better engagement with clients and prospects, you will also be able to save some valuable time. 


Template Text Messaging Scripts For Real Estate Agents


With a closer look at the benefits SMS for real estate marketing has to offer, it’s time to look at a few templates that you can either use word-for-word or adjust them to match your style. These text messaging scripts for real estate agents will make your job easier and improve your chances of landing a deal. 


Requesting Basic Information


The moment a prospect signs up for SMS updates, figure out how you can help them by asking for information from the get-go. This will help you segment your list better. 


Template: ”Hi [NAME], thank you for signing up for texts from [COMPANY NAME]. Are you looking to buy or sell a home?”


New Signup from Online Form


If a person signed up from an online form, chances are you already have their basic information like their names and the neighborhood they are interested in. You can use this information wisely to personalize the auto confirmation message. 


Template: “Hi [Name], John here from [COMPANY NAME]. You are now subscribed to receive information about new listings in [NEIGHBORHOOD]. 


Asking for Specific Details


Every realtor knows that finding a client the perfect house is no walk in the park. Consider moving buyers along the process by requesting specific information that will help send relevant property listings.


Template: “Hi [NAME], we would love to schedule a few showings for you. What areas are you interested in? 


Replying to Requests to Schedule Showings


The best realtors make it easy for leads to schedule showings. One of the best ways to do this is via text messages. 


Template:  Client- ”I would like to view 1824 Main St. in person. Is it possible to stop by tomorrow at 10 am?

Reply- “Yes, we would be happy to show you around the property. See you tomorrow at 10 am.”


Following Up After an Open House


An open house is one of the best places to collect phone numbers from prospects. So, use the following template to schedule a follow up with those that attended. 


Template: ”Thanks for showing up at the 1824 Main St. open house. Please contact us if you have any queries about the house.” 


These are just a few of the templates you can use to your advantage for marketing purposes. With the many benefits text messaging has to offer, you are almost certainly losing business if you haven’t incorporated it in your marketing campaign.


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