SMS vs Email Opt In Rates

SMS vs Email Opt In Rates Explained

sms vs email optin rates

As a Real Estate professional, it’s important to pay attention to the dynamics of the marketplace. Nowadays, more home buyers are looking online for properties for sale. Likewise, they are using their mobile phones in their search with 76 percent of all buyers finding their home on a mobile device [1]. Because of this, you should be looking for ways to pivot to reach this growing segment of the marketplace. While a lot of real estate professionals swear by email marketing, text message marketing offers numerous benefits over email that should make it your preferred marketing strategy. In this article, you will learn some of the benefits SMS marketing has over email. 


The Many Benefits Of SMS Over Email:


  1. Better Open Rates


One of the main counterpoints to email marketing is its abysmal open rates. With email marketing, you are playing a numbers game. This is because so many businesses have flooded consumers’ mailboxes with emails. Thus, you are not only competing with other real estate professionals, but also with other businesses. To get your email opened, you need to send the email at the right time. Whereas, with text message marketing, you don’t have that same problem. The majority of text messages not only get opened, but they get opened within 4 minutes of being sent. This is a major difference from an email which could take much longer. This means you will be able to get faster responses and you can send out time-sensitive messages to a prospective client. 


  1. Two Way Communication


While an email does offer the ability to facilitate two-way conversations, it is not effective nor is it timely enough. With text message marketing, you can speak with prospective clients the way they are used to speaking with their friends and family. By communicating with them through something that is much more instant and accessible, you will be able to get better interactions with them. This can help you book property viewings, get rental inspections set up, or even set up appointment reminders to minimize no-shows. The ability to drive more engagement with your marketing efforts can help maximize the success of each campaign. Regardless, the ability to integrate two-way communication into your lead generation process can be a major asset in your marketing efforts.


  1. Better Integration


Another good thing that SMS offers when you go with a company like Launch Control is the ability to have streamlined integrations with the other aspects of your business. You will be able to connect your SMS campaigns to your Customer Relationship Management efforts which can make it much easier to properly manage all of your leads. 


  1. More Control and More Analytics


Having accurate analytics can make or break your marketing efforts. After all, if you are unable to properly analyze whether or not your campaign is effective based on raw data, you won’t know if it’s making you money. That is why you should only be investing heavily into strategies that provide you with sufficient analytics that allow you to make well-informed decisions with your budget. With email marketing, you do get a lot of analytics that you will be able to leverage with each campaign. However, with SMS marketing, you have even more control and potential. Not only will you be able to analyze KPIs per campaign, but you can track your campaign, set up custom shortcodes, and more. You will be able to test out different campaigns much quicker than you would with email. This should yield better results because you can continually optimize your campaigns to ensure you aren’t leaving leads off the table.


  1. Quicker Responses


When it comes to selling property, a lot of times you need to have the right timing to make the sale. With a properly set up text message marketing campaign for your properties, you will be able to customize messages that can make it much easier for you to sell to a prospective buyer. For instance, you could set up a shortcode that will automatically deliver all essential property details to a buyer that shows interest. You can also send out other information based on their responses. The ability to customize your campaigns and send out quick responses makes it the ultimate sales tool for real estate investors and professionals. 


There are so many different reasons you should be investing in SMS marketing for your real estate business. It has become a much better option than email marketing. While you should still be integrating email marketing into your mix, you will get much better results with SMS marketing. You have less competition for the lead’s attention and you will be able to get better open rates, engagement, and two-way communication. If you aren’t currently putting time and energy into developing your SMS strategy, you should start now. An all-in-one platform like Launch Control can put you in the driver’s seat and allow you to succeed. It will truly change how you positively go about your business. Text message marketing can be a much more effective way to generate leads and interact with prospective customers that makes it a must for any professional in the real estate industry.






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