SMS for Realtors

Before starting a text message campaign for your real estate business, you must understand how to use SMS for realtors. Research has shown that over 89 percent of real estate agencies relay information to their clients via SMS while a large portion is often invested into phone calls and sending of emails.


It is no surprise why SMS for realtors has made it to the center stage when it boils down to effective communication with clients as well as prospective homeowners. No doubt a good number of clients prefer to communicate with a real estate agent over the phone which, to them, translates to transparency. However, the fact remains that vital information like property image cannot be sent to prospective homeowners which makes SMS stand out as a worthy option to consider.

Benefits of Adopting SMS for Realtors

As you will find out in a few minutes, there are a handful of benefits of SMS for realtors that makes this option the best fit when considering a high conversion rate for any real estate campaign that you wish to embark on. Below are a few of the benefits that realtors enjoy when they subscribe to the idea of adopting messaging over other platforms like a phone call.

Keywords & Shortcodes

Using shortcodes and keywords is an impressive way of improving your real estate marketing service. Keywords are important in the campaign for SMS opt-in services. This allows your clients to text a particular keyword to a number (either long code or shortcode) to understand more about your services or property.

A good number of prospective homeowners work round the clock, having little or no time at all for any official phone call. SMS for realtors in this sense augments that limitation, providing more flexibility of options.

Send Info About Property to Clients

As you begin to gather prospects to opt into your real estate SMS campaign, you can start sending them automated messages which include information about properties that are up for sale. You can make this more specific by adding a distinct keyword for every property.

When sending property information to prospects via SMS, always include additional information that would increase your engagement rate.

Below is some information you may want to consider adding to your text message to prospects;

  • Address of the property
  • Size of the property
  • Price
  • Google maps link to the property location
  • Property image using MMS

Collect Prospect Data

In your adventure to becoming a reliable realtor, you must have a solid database of your clients in the past as well as prospective homeowners who recently opted-in for your service. With SMS for realtors, you can collect information from your prospects to enhance communication and also make follow-up much easier.

Using a top-quality messaging platform like Launch Control, you can seamlessly import data collected via text message, to be exported any time you wish. Important data like the full names of your prospects must be collected in the process. The city they are resident in, their email address, and budget for a home purchase are also vital points to consider when collecting their data.

Notch up Your Real Estate Business With Launch Control

At Launch Control, we see to it that realtors get the best messaging support to reach out to their clients when it matters most. To ease the burden of follow-up and constant texting of random messages, we provide real estate agents with our all-in-one platform that solves every messaging problem.


Our service is backed by top-level transparency that shows advanced message stats to help you keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly SMS activity.


SMS for realtors is a tool that is reliable and easy to use when communicating with clients and prospective homeowners. The use of SMS in real estate marketing has proven to have the highest open, engagement, and conversion rate compared to other channels of communication like phone calls and sending of emails.