Real Estate Text Message Marketing Do You Need It ?


Do You Need Real Estate Text Message Marketing? Here’s Why

It is so wrong to assume that a real estate agent is nothing more than a property seller. Establishing a close relationship with buyers and sellers is essential if you want to succeed in real estate. A real estate agent usually needs to turn into a negotiator for their demanding clients. However, most importantly, they have to be excellent marketers.

Sales seldom happen without effort, and since we’re in a fast-paced world, you should utilize every channel possible to explore and nurture leads. Since we live in the Internet area, we have become accustomed to using emails and various online advertising techniques to reach potential customers. That means we forget the more conventional direct marketing strategies. One such strategy is text message marketing.

Generally speaking, SMS marketing is among the most straightforward and quickest ways to reach customers. Undoubtedly, everyone’s phone has a text message system, whether it is a smartphone or not. That means that the information will reach them almost immediately. Eager to know more? Read on and explore the benefits that real estate agents get from text message marketing.


– Higher chances of opening text messages

In general, text messages often get opened in the first 5 minutes. That means the info will reach prospective customers quicker. The text message inbox is generally less drenched with advertising messages, which means, when most people receive a text message, they’ll view it almost immediately. On the other hand, emails often get lost in a sea of invoices, sales campaigns, and newsletters, which is precisely what you need to avoid.

Several surveys show that most people prefer SMS notification over emails. The primary reason behind this is because they’re easier to read, shorter, and only deliver relevant information. When it comes to emails, considering that there’s a bit limitation to the content type you can send – most marketers usually go a bit extra and lose the information amongst image filters or text.


– Has a more personal touch

Apart from being a vital communication means these days, emails usually seem to be somewhat impersonal. On the other hand, SMS offers a much friendlier means of communicating. Mostly, we receive text messages from family, friends, or individuals that we think are important enough to have our phone contact. Email addresses are often easily shared between many marketing companies, while phone numbers are much harder to obtain.

Besides that, text messages are incredibly easier to be used as a direct communication method. Generally speaking, people rarely respond to marketing emails. However, they are more open to begin a conversation via text, since it feels more natural and takes a lot less.

What’s more, text messages seem more like a natural conversation compared to emails. If you have been communicating via text, you understand it’s much easier for both parties to search via the conversation and retrieve vital information. In contrast, with emails, you have to do a bit more work.


– It’s cost-effective

Generally, setting up your SMS marketing campaign is much more affordable than mail or email marketing and has a significantly higher lead generating rate. When a person sees your ad, there’s a high chance they’ll text a simple word to the given short phone number, instead of composing a whole email to ask for more details about the property. Once you receive the text message, you could easily include their phone number to your detailed list of prospective leads and utilize it for future campaigns.

Undoubtedly, bulk SMS is generally easy to send, and it will only cost you a few cents per message. It could result in an incredible return on investment. You’ll most likely get charged depending on the number of messages sent. That means you can easily manage the cost and know precisely what to expect when planning your budget. What’s more, you can monitor replies and categorize receivers depending on age, location, and any other info you got for more customized campaigns.


Bottom line

In general, text messages could be an incredibly powerful tool and essential for real estate agents to engage with customers, plan and remind them of their appointments, and generate leads. They’re a cost-effective way to have your information sent to a considerable number of prospects, and you should expect a significantly bigger response rate compared with emails. Simply put, it happens since text messages feel more personal and are much closer to a real conversation than emails are.

So, if you follow some easy rules and primarily focus on making your messages concise and clear, SMS marketing can have outstanding benefits for your business. Reach your prospects using Launch Control – it is an affordable tool that offers numerous advantages to real estate business owners, agents, brokers, and property managers. The discussion above illustrates how effective this marketing platform can be if used properly.

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