Your REI Business on Autopilot

Launch Managed Services is a plug-and-play investment team including a dedicated Acquisitions Specialist ready to text, call, and pre-qualify prospects allowing your team to stay hyper-focused on closing deals.

More Deals. Better Efficiency.​

We’re REI specialists. We come in with a plan already in place to maximize your team’s potential. Here’s the kind of instant ramp up you can expect.

$ 0
Revenue Generated for our Clients
Hours Regained by our Clients
Qualified Leads Delivered
REI Teams We Support

Let Your Team Invest.
We’ll Handle the Rest.

Platform Management

The heart of our done-for-you services is full platform management by our Acquisitions Specialists. Campaign set-up, template rotation, drip campaign strategy; they know every hack we’ve got.

List Pulling & Skip Tracing

Our Acquisitions Specialists are carefully trained on our top-performing list pulling strategies. They’ll deliver more motivated sellers and free up time for your team to focus on profit driven activities.

Motivated Seller Handoff

Our Acquisitions Specialists are ready to take all pre-screening work off your team's plate; motivation, alternatives, timeline and reduction of initial asking price, and they will continue to hone their skills via weekly sessions with our in-house Sales Trainers.

Nonstop Follow-up & Deal Flow

The high-converting content we’ll provide you as a Launch Managed Services client is aimed at specific seller motivations and situational responses. Our Acquisitions Specialists are trained to use that content to engage, respond and automate your lead nurturing efforts.

Text & Call Lead Generation

Our Acquisitions Specialist will manage all of your text outreach and warm lead follow-up calls. The combination of the two has led to a spike in lead quality and overall deal counts for our clients.

Buyer & Realtor Engagement

Lean on our Acquisitions Specialists for your full-cycle REI needs. They’ll help you use Launch Control to find buyers, connect with realtors, and create an accelerated trajectory for your team.

Ongoing Training, Coaching, Support
This is a Partnership

Our Acquisitions Specialist will compliment your team day-to-day, but you’ll have the full support of our entire REI operation.


Acquisitions Specialists go through highly selective screening and an intensive REI text marketing training program.


Acquisitions Specialists attend weekly coaching sessions with our in-house sales trainers learning new REI techniques and honing their foundational skills.

Analysis & Support

Our CSMs and Operations Managers monitor all client accounts in order to make any adjustments needed to maximize your deal flow. We manage everything so you don’t have to.

Launch Optimization

Acquisitions Specialists are trained to take over 100% of your prospecting. They’ll manage your account, carefully nurture prospects and funnel qualified leads to your team.

Who is This For?

We invest heavily in screening, training and coaching our REI staff because we are focused on helping high-level teams take the next step. There are a few things that we insist our investment team partners bring to the table.

An established sales process we can plug into & streamline

A solid acquisitions team we can feed leads to

The data and resources needed to maintain consistent outreach

A vision to double or triple your income in the next 18-months

Quick Set Up.
Easy Integration.

1. Book a Strategy Session

We’ll discuss the unique challenges of your business, walk you through the specifics of how Launch Managed Services will start funneling qualified leads to your team, and get you signed up.

2. Onboarding

Using the strategy sessions as a guideline, we’ll further define your growth goals, go over workstation requirements and set a firm start date.

3. Go Live

Your Acquisitions Specialist will take over all platform management and prospecting responsibilities, allowing your team to focus exclusively on profit driven activities.

How Fast Do You Want to
Scale Your Operation?

  • Motivated Leads
  • Deal Potential
  • ROI Potential
  • Fully Trained on Launch Control
  • Markets
  • Industry Best Skip Tracing
  • Setup Fee
  • Team Members Included


  • 80+ Per Month
  • 3 - 5+
  • $36k - 60k+
  • YES
  • 2+
  • $0.09 Per Match
  • $4000 (Limited Time)

  • ✔ Acquisitions Specialist

    ✔ Sales Trainer

    ✔ Customer Support Manager

    ✔ Leads Manager

    ✔ Copywriting Support


Custom Solutions for Leading REI Operations
  • Everything in ELITE, plus:
  • Multiple Acquisitions Specialists
  • Access to our tier-one data
  • Monthly content uploads
  • Fully customizable to your operation!
  • *Annual contract required

Additional Services
Ongoing sales training (Weekly), high level knowledge of PropStream, top performing content uploaded to your account, highly successful pre-qualification call program, 100% management of follow-up campaigns, daily hand-off of fully prepped leads, buyer and realtor text integrations, full access to our REI team & process

We Make Good Teams Better

Leverage Our REI Team.
Ignite Your Investment Business.

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