How to Use SMS for Realtors

To leave an indelible mark in the real estate industry, you must attain a feat that stands you out of the crowd. SMS for realtors is one useful messaging system that allows you to improve your communication of information with prospective homeowners without having to leave the comfort of your office or home.

For most starters, the difficulty lies in reaching out to their prospects via the right platform that promises positive feedback. It is a fact that about 90% of real estate marketers make use of these  3  benefits of SMS for realtors to reach out to their clients. Although this falls behind the phone call and email percentage, it, however, guarantees a more positive result.

This guide teaches you all…

SMS for Realtor Templates

To create an effective real estate marketing text message template, important information should find its place in the message content. To start with; ensure to be concise with your message, be conversational, and make sure to include a compelling call-to-action at the end of every message.

Below are a few SMS for realtors templates that will help you get started with your estate marketing campaign.


  1. Hello [prospect], thank you for showing your interest in [property address]. This property Is a 3 bedroom bungalow with two state-of-the-art bathrooms and a built-in door garage, priced at $280,000. To schedule a property tour, click on this link: <link>.


  1. Thanks for your interest in our real estate marketing services. Kindly send us your email as a reply so we can forward the top five recent home listings in your area. You can take on our virtual tour provision via the link provided <link>. Call us at 416-807-5731 for more details.

Follow up Message:

  1. Hi [prospect], you are invited to our open house at [address]! You can join us between the hours of 9 am and 12 noon on the 23rd of July, 2022


  1. Hello Jason, the property at [address] which you showed interest in has dropped in price from $260,000 to $220,000. Take quick action about it now.


  1. Good afternoon [prospect], one of our agents is willing to take you through the property at [address]. Do you still have an interest in it? Schedule an appointment now

There are myriads of other message templates that you can adopt to notch up your real estate marketing technique in helping prospective homeowners actualize their dreams.

Start Using SMS for Realtors

Before you start using SMS for realtors, you must have fulfilled all conditions explained below.

  1. Keyword and Shortcode/Longcode is Vital

Setting up a keyword and shortcode is critical to advanced real estate marketing. With the Launch Control platform, you may choose either to use a shortcode or a longcode.

Shortcode or Longcode?

You’re always left with the option of choosing between longcode and shortcode as a realtor who wants an SMS system of communication with clients.

A long code is essentially a 10-digit number that limits your SMS for realtor service to an area. (E.g. 42679 44750) while a shortcode is a 5 to 6-digit number that can be deployed for use throughout the nation. (E.g. 673509)

      2. Publicize your Code and Keyword

The next thing to do right after setting up a keyword and shortcode is to notify clients about them. You can achieve this by strategically placing text riders that contain your shortcode and keyword at properties that are for sale. Another brilliant way to go about this is to promote your code and keyword on social media platforms, send it as part of your email conversation with prospects. Take for instance;

Thanks for showing interest in our service John, Text ‘JOIN’ to ‘673509’ to be enlisted for reminders and updates on properties around you” 

      3. Send out Your First Message

Once set, you can start sending text messages using the Launch Control SMS broadcast on your dashboard. You can send an instant alert message to a handful of prospects or schedule a time for the message to be sent.

Willing to try out Launch Control as a real estate marketer in improving your communication with clients and upping your conversion rate? It is as easy as slicing through hot butter. Sign up for free now and be an expert at what you do.