How to Get Started with Real Estate SMS Marketing


Getting started with real estate SMS marketing isn’t an arduous task. As long as you implement the right processes, then you can achieve your desired result with ease. So, what are these processes? What are the dos and don’ts of real estate SMS marketing to drive potential leads and generate sales? This article enlightens you on how to get started with real estate marketing. Dive in!

Determine your Audience

Just like any other marketing strategy, you will need to define your target audience before you send your text messages. Sending lots of text messages to the wrong audience could cost you a lot and may not yield a positive result. However, when you have defined buyer personas, you can send the right message that meets their needs. To get started, get a document that consists of vivid details about your ideal customers. For instance, if you are a realtor dealing with student accommodation, you can pin down some of these details about your customers.

  • Must be between the ages of 18 to 25
  • Spend less than $20,000
  • Has to live within the college environment
  • No long term commitments


Once you have planned all these, you already know their interests and can use that as their interest points. Use this information to find your target audience. 

Collect Information about your Audience

Once you have profiled your audience, then you need to collect information about your target audience. You can make use of other marketing strategies to do this. For instance, you can run a Facebook ad to obtain information about your target audience. All you have to do is to encourage them to fill out a form by offering them incentives or a guide on how to purchase their new homes. Once you have gotten their information, do not send them your everts immediately. Request their permission before you send them an email. This prevents you from getting blocked by unhappy buyers. 

Select an SMS Marketing Platform

When you are planning to send out messages, then you need a reliable text messaging software service to actualize the plan for you. By investing in the software service, you get to enjoy lots of benefits you can’t enjoy using the traditional messaging method. Here, you can send your messages in bulk, personalize each message you are sending to clients, view your strategy to determine the one that is working or not, share your marketing strategy with staff, and track your metrics. To get started with real estate SMS marketing, it is best advised to utilize Launch Control. We offer varieties of services to all estate managers dealing with SMS marketing.

Schedule Text Messaging Activities

Once you have started utilizing your SMS marketing software, it is time to plan all text messaging activities. The most essential thing to do is to schedule when you want to send your messages. Think about the most appropriate time of the day to send messages to your potential buyers. You can’t just send messages at your desired time. Why? Your time may not fit with their activities. Hence, you have to send your messages at a time when they are not really busy. For instance, if you send your messages by 11 pm, you could frustrate your prospects as that is the time they are about to sleep or even sleeping. However, sending an SMS by 5 am could give you an advantage as that is the time they commute to their workplace. Figure out the perfect schedule to send your messages. Your buyer’s details can help you out in this situation. 


Perfect Your Messages

Before you send those messages you typed for the first time, ensure you read them. You don’t want to send a message with lots of grammatical errors. Read your messages and thoroughly check the content before sending it to the recipients.



Getting started with real estate SMS marketing isn’t a difficult task. With Launch Control, be rest assured of implementing the above-mentioned tips and having an amazing experience.


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