How An Auto Dialer For Real Estate Marketing Can Change Your Business

Auto dialer for real estate marketing could be the solution you’re looking for if you have been trying to find targeted leads for quite some time, with very few results, you may not be automating your business. Although you could sit and call hundreds of prospects every month, this may not be the most valuable way to spend your time. Most people are conditioned to avoid people calling them directly. However, text message marketing is very different. People will respond to a text message once they see it, and are less likely to be offended upon receiving the message you are sending. This is why you should consider using an auto dialer for real estate if you intend on succeeding this year.


What Is An Auto Dialer For Real Estate Marketing?


There are services that you can use for your real estate business that can automate many of the tedious tasks that you are likely doing right now. One of those is calling people directly. Unlike hiring a company with individuals that are calling people to speak with them, an auto dialer does something very different. Text messages will go out automatically, to hundreds of different numbers, spreading your message to potential sellers. By having this done for you, through an automated system, you can take your business to higher levels of productivity.


Why You Should Use Launch Control


Launch Control is a business that specializes in sending out text messages with drip campaigns. They will provide you with local numbers so that people will be more receptive to the messages that you are sending. Everything operates on a TCPA compliant platform that is revolutionary by even modern standards. It offers an all-in-one messaging dashboard so that you can see which of your lists are converting the best. Combine that with their proprietary routing algorithm, you will have higher levels of success. In addition to this, they offer a one-click Podio push campaign service that will help you find even more sellers. However, the key to ensuring that you are only targeting those that will be receptive can be found with their premium litigator scrubbing service.


Premium Litigator Scrubbing Services


Working with Blacklist Alliance, Launch Control can ensure that every list that you use is properly scrubbed. This will allow you to feel confident that the numbers that you are using will not accidentally be sent to someone that may be upset when you contact them. It is a comprehensive service that is very effective against eliminating predatory litigators. This comes with five levels of heightened defense that can prevent unnecessary problems from happening.


KPI And Analytics Dashboard


Tracking your performance is the key to ensuring that every campaign that you send out is going to be as successful as possible. It allows you to eliminate lists that are not performing, plus focus on the ones that are providing you with the most relevant leads. You will be able to analyze KPI’s for each and every batch, plus you will get acquisition rep tracking services. You will see your lead totals, response rates, as well as a breakdown of what is happening on a weekly, daily, and monthly spreadsheet. On top of that, you also have the ability to do split testing with all of your messages. This will enable you to fine tune your campaigns by using messages that people are the most receptive to. This can lead to an increase in the revenue that you earn with every deal.


Can This Service Actually Increase Your Revenue?


Although no business can promise that you will be successful, some of them can weigh the odds in your favor. This is clearly seen with the many clients that have used this auto dialer for real estate marketing service. Increases in revenue that exceed 300%, as well as an ROI of over 100%, are things that clients of this company often see. In addition to this, the amount of time that you will spend waiting for the deal to close can also decrease substantially. Part of the reason for these high percentages is the proprietary skip tracing that is done on every list.


Premium Proprietary Skip Tracing


If you have sold real estate before, you understand why it is so important to have proper skip tracing. This is what will lead you to the most current and accurate address for the potential client, plus give you current and active phone numbers. When you are sending out text messages, they need to be sent out to mobile phones that they are still using. The services offered by this business provide 98% match rates for only $0.15 per record. In fact, they offer a pay-per-match-only system which means you will not be charged for inaccurate information. This is credit bureau quality data that you can access within minutes that comes directly from a national data warehouse with emails appended.


The combination of all of these positive features from Launch Control should show you why you should work with this auto dialer for real estate marketing company. They are providing everything on an easy-to-use platform to help you accelerate your business to higher levels of profitability. When you have access to the most accurate data, including current and active cell phone numbers, your ability to text potential sellers will be increased manyfold. If you would like more information about the services offered by this company, you should consider contacting them directly today.