Text Message Marketing – Is it For Real Estate Investors?


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Text message marketing for real estate allows you to work from anywhere, perform powerful analytics, and automate your workflow so you have more time to focus on other properties and priorities.

Text messaging is a powerful promotional tool that many businesses aren’t utilizing. With an average of only 40% of marketers using SMS messaging, you can quickly get ahead of the competition.

Using Launch Control to manage your SMS engagement can take your real estate investment business to the next level.

Text Message Marketing for Real Estate Investors on the Go

Being able to work from anywhere is a key factor in helping your real estate investment company take off. You may be out on a property doing an inspection, or meeting with a client somewhere to close on a deal. If you’re getting messages while you’re not in the office, you’re missing out on valuable time interacting with companies.

Using SMS marketing can help alleviate these delays in response. The quicker you are at responding to a lead, the more chance you have of securing a deal.

Text message marketing for real estate allows you to send and receive messages from an app on your phone. No more having to constantly check your email or keep an eye on your home page. With SMS engagement, you can quickly respond to follow-ups and get more deals closed.


SMS Engagement Analytics

Marketing is a tricky business, one that you have to stay on top of. Analyzing your campaigns and making adjustments based on those results can help you generate more leads and make more money. After all, you don’t want to waste your time on a campaign that isn’t leading to deals.

With SMS engagement tools, you can see how many people click on follow-up links, how many texts are opened, and how often you get a response from leads. You can even utilize A/B split testing to see if a certain tactic works better on getting deals than others.


Automated Workflow

Personally going into each new contact and sending a new message is taxing. And since many leads need at least one, if not more, follow-ups before they’re ready to respond, that’s a lot of time being taken away from the rest of your business. By using text message marketing for real estate, however, you can automate messages to send to new leads and to follow up with unresponsive leads. When you get a new lead in your SMS engagement system, all you have to do is choose which pre-formatted text you want to send and let the system do the work for you. Using an SMS marketing platform can help you get over a 90% open rate, with higher conversions to sales.


The Launch Control Difference

When you work with Launch Control to boost your real estate investment company, you get a host of opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. At Launch Control, we believe in your success and helping your business thrive.

Our hands-on approach to SaaS has helped us grow in the real estate investment marketing industry, and our knowledge is ready for your use. Our success team is available to you every step of the way, helping you set up your account, create a lead conversion funnel, and understand your reports so you can see where our system is helping your business improve. Text message marketing for real estate has helped investors find leads and close deals with a higher success rate than any other marketing avenue. If you’re ready to see how SMS marketing and engagement can help boost your bottom line, take a look at our extensive plan options and get in touch with our success teams today.

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