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Best Real Estate Text Messages: A Comprehensive Guide

Real estate agents mostly have a lot to deal with. Generally speaking, they have to act as professional advisors, skilled negotiators, sales managers, and even marketers. As a result, any tool such as real estate text messaging that can facilitate a real estate agent’s heavy workload and offer effectiveness, will be very beneficial. In this regard, text message marketing acts as an incredibly simple—highly reliable and effective channel to ease communication with your prospective buyers. Best real estate text messages are an immediate and economical marketing tool to offer time-sensitive information. Generally, this tool allows realtors to send a lot of messages to clients in just a few seconds. We crunched the numbers for you to make it sound more practical. 

– Surveys show that more than 91% of adults in the world use mobile phones, with 50% of them using smartphones.

– 58% of consumers claimed they might view a company more positively if they provided SMS capabilities.

– For about 68% of mobile users, texting is actually the preferred means of communicating.

According to the 2017 report of the National Association of Realtor, it claimed that 62% of all home buyers want their agents to send property details through text messages instead of call or email. All the mentioned information tells the entire story on the effectiveness of best real estate text messages. 

What Does SMS for Real Estate Marketing Involve?

Even though SMS marketing might seem an old school, the “retro” marketing tool has an outstanding comeback opening the door to newer, more opportunities. Over time, text messaging has been applied in different industries as an effective method to reach specifically targeted leads. There is no exception for real estate agents. Market your brand as a realtor, make appointments quicker and cheaper, and share your listings by incorporating this channel to your particular marketing strategy. 

Undoubtedly, real estate text message marketing is generally a reliable, fast, and economical step towards sustaining relationships with buyers, vendors, brokers, tenants, and landlords. For starters, let’s dive deeper and find out what it entails.


When it comes to the SMS marketing strategy, the starting point is choosing the keyword. As a general rule, it should be simple, short, memorable, and unique to your specific business. Keywords allow people to opt-in for your particular SMS, at the same time, allowing you to text your clients later. For example, you might decide to have “House 515” as the keyword for a certain property. So, once people text “House 515” to a given number, they will immediately receive a message containing all the information regarding that property.

Auto Reply

Create automated responses and, ultimately, save time on responding to all the inquiries one by one. In definition, auto-replies are generally prewritten text messages received by clients once they text in your chosen keywords. Some of the common auto-replies are: Thank You Messages, Community Events, New Listings, Price Updates, and much more. 

Mass Text Messaging

By sending mass text messages, you could increase the number of clients who view your properties and interact with more people at the same time. In general, this tool enables you to write a single message that you can send it out to a whole list of clients or a selected segment. You can let lots and lots of people know about your open house dates or new listings with just a single tap of a finger. Make use of this!

Scheduled Alerts & Reminders

By sending out scheduled reminders or alerts, you can increase attendance and reduce no-shows. Avoid wasting time while waiting for clients who won’t show up. In general, sending scheduled alerts to your customers allows you to keep your customers up to date on appointments, meetings, open houses, and so on.

Examples of Best Real Estate Text Messages

Since everyone seems to be texting these days, professionals from all industries have discovered tactics to take advantage of this. In SMS marketing, there is only one golden rule: can I read and reply to this by myself? Sincerely, if your answer is Yes, there is a high likelihood that your specific targeted clients can do the same. Before you rush and send the message that pops up in your head first, you should take your time to think about what you’re really sending and how it actually works for you. 

The correctly selected SMS format is an essential factor for offering a high response rate. Once you send out rightly structured text messages, you will start seeing lots of new leads rolling in. You can always incorporate any necessary detail in your real estate text message. We recommend you include the following vital info in your particular real estate SMS: price, profile and size, your contact info, the address of the property, and a shortened link to your website and Google Maps.

It would be best first to understand the general rules when it comes to real estate texting. As you might know, not all old texts will facilitate a high response rate or benefit customers or other staff. By following the rules and examples of best real estate text messages below, you could also harness the power of this incredible communication style to generate more sales and increase client satisfaction.

  1. Make sure it is short

As you probably know, SMS text messaging is restricted to 160 characters/ message. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to use all the 160 characters. Mostly, keeping a message as concise as possible enables the recipient to read it fast and reply before losing their attention.

  1. Focus on clarity

Although the message should be brief, that doesn’t also mean that it should be cryptic. If you want the recipients to better understand the message, think about using signal words that would make your message clear: update, confirmation, and alert all convey the intent of the message almost immediately. You could also include guidelines on how to acquire more information.

  1. Personalize it

When you personalize your message, it becomes clear to the recipient that that specific message applies to them. If you use the recipient’s location, name, or previously-outlined areas of interest, it lets the recipients know that this message is meant for them. That way, they won’t fall into a habit of disregarding your messages after reading quite a number that couldn’t affect them.

Here are a few SMS examples that you could adopt to increase your response rates:

– Hi, “client’s first name,” when would be the ideal time for me to call you?

“Your first name.” 

– Hey “client’s first name,” I recently got your inquiry on “Home X.” What other information would you want me to share about that house?

“Your first name.”

– Dear “client’s first name” Because you liked “Property X,” I think you would like this as well. “Home Z details.”

“Your first name.”

– Hi “client’s first name,” Does this Thursday morning work for taking you through a quick tour of a property I picked out for you?

“Your first name.”

– Hey “client’s first name,” thanks so much for your request. What is the ideal time for you to about selling your home?

“Your first name.”

– Dear “client’s first name”! Do you still want to buy a house in the Z area? There is a good offer!

“Your first name.”

Best Real Estate Text Messages Service

Using the right platform is a considerable investment in your specific SMS strategy for real estate. Generally speaking, it will help you in reaching potential renters or buyers effortlessly and, in the long run, save you substantial money. Read on how you could gain from a correctly chosen texting software:

– Increased engagement and attendance by scheduling timely reminders

– Beginning a personalized, one-on-one text conversation with renters or clients

– Use of special keywords, as well as calls-to-action to entice new clients

– Affordable SMS price

Therefore, you shouldn’t limit your customers to just emailing or calling. You can create your agency’s new listings and links to real estate video tours using our fast and straightforward texting software for real estate. Launch Control is an easy-to-use software that incorporates all the advanced tools and features. In general, it is a big save for real estate agents looking to create a smooth and quick engagement with their targeted clients. 

With this all-in-one platform, you can be fully equipped to text sellers, manage your deals, and stay much ahead of the competition. Generally speaking, Launch Control is the current industry leader when it comes to property research and client engagement. What are you waiting for? A competitor shouldn’t beat you to it.

Conclusion: Using Tech to Your Advantage

Since we’re living in a world that’s moving at a fast pace, it’s crucial to keep up with the rest. When you use SMS communication for your particular real estate business, you can keep your present and prospective customers in the loop and engaged. In other words, connecting with clients has become much easier than ever with our software, which is developed to do just that. Are you still interested? Try out Launch Control today! 

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