Where Can I Find Motivated Wholesale Real Estate Leads?

Wholesale Real Estate Leads

Finding motivated wholesale real estate leads is essential for any real estate investor. It is a process that requires thorough research and action. If you intend to invest in real estate, you can have an upper hand in the industry by looking out for places where you can get these leads and the signs that […]

5 Mistakes to Avoid in Real Estate SMS Marketing

Real Estate SMS Marketing

Every real estate SMS marketing team understands the need to communicate with their client with SMS marketing. However, you need to know some mistakes you should avoid in the whole process. Why? Repeating some of these mistakes could turn your efforts into fruitless results. Nobody wants that. That is why this article is here to […]

Why You Should Use Real Estate SMS Marketing

real estate SMS marketing

Every real estate agent, broker, or property manager understands the importance of utilizing Real Estate SMS marketing with their potential clients. Just like other forms of communication, SMS marketing remains the easiest method of reaching out to your prospect and clients. Although we now live in an Internet era where we are already accustomed to […]

6 Tips to Writing Real Estate SMS Marketing Messages

real estate SMS marketing

Having trouble with writing your real estate SMS marketing copy? Check out this article to consider some tips that can help you. Many real estate agents struggle to write copies that capture the interest of their readers and ultimately fail to nurture them. They could send bulk messages all day but fail to gain a […]

5 Best Practices in Real Estate SMS Marketing

Real Estate Investor SMS Marketing

Real estate SMS marketing remains one of the most effective marketing strategies in the real estate industry. With an open rate of 98%, you have a high chance of reaching your target audience, generating leads, and eventually converting them. However, this isn’t possible if you do not implement the best practices associated with SMS marketing […]

5 Real Estate SMS Marketing Message Templates

Real Estate SMS Marketing

In the real estate industry, timing is crucial. Research shows that 95% of text are opened and replied to within three minutes. By now you probably know the positive impacts of real estate SMS marketing, or text marketing – how it can generate leads and convert those leads. But how do you get started? Lack […]

How to Get Started with Real Estate SMS Marketing

Real Estate SMS Marketing

Getting started with real estate SMS marketing isn’t an arduous task. As long as you implement the right processes, then you can achieve your desired result with ease. So, what are these processes? What are the dos and don’ts of real estate SMS marketing to drive potential leads and generate sales? This article enlightens you […]

3 Surprising Dos and Don’ts in Real Estate SMS Marketing

Real Estate SMS Marketing

In this article, you will discover surprising moves that would triple your Real Estate SMS Marketing results and you will also find out some erroneous moves that could hamper your campaign. You are a real estate agent looking forward to leasing out some properties through the easiest marketing channel – SMS Marketing. Although you have […]

5 Effective Tips that Can Help You with Real Estate SMS Marketing in 2022

Real Estate SMS Marketing

The 5 effective  Real Estate SMS Marketing tips in 2022 include start by choosing the right service, send reminders about open houses, create automated messages for cold leads using Launch Control, send personalized messages, and finally keep your messages short   One of the most effective marketing strategies in the real estate industry is SMS […]

6 Effective Real Estate SMS Marketing Strategies

Real Estate SMS Marketing

The right, real estate SMS marketing strategies assures you of seamless home sales that put you at rest, free from market pressure. Read on to learn more in this guide. An average real estate agent spends most of their time trying to respond to several queries about a property listing or best market offers. This […]