Author: Adonna A. - Launch Control REI Specialist

Using tagging KPIs to close more REI deals
Real Estate
Adonna A. - Launch Control REI Specialist

Closing More Deals with Launch Control: The Power of Tagging KPIs for Real Estate Investors

The tagging feature in Launch Control, which is one of the app’s several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), combined with SMS marketing can elevate your business to the next level. By using tagging KPIs, you can reach potential leads quicker, gaining an advantage over your competition, and increasing your chances of sealing more deals. Our system also ensures that you won’t be wasting time on unqualified leads, preventing unnecessary costs.

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Lean Marketing with SMS Engagement
Lean Marketing
Adonna A. - Launch Control REI Specialist

Lean Marketing in 2023 with SMS Marketing Engagement

If you’re focused on implementing lean methodologies, reducing expenses, and aggressively pursuing leads for your business, then lean marketing can help you achieve your goals. Being proactive and creative instead of relying on costly marketing channels (that may not yield immediate results), you can stay lean and effectively manage your budget for 2023. Keep reading to discover the top ways to implement lean marketing strategies.

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