Text Messaging For Realtors In 7 Steps 


Are you in real estate? Are you looking for ways to get more leads for your properties? Well, have you ever considered text messaging? If you want to sell a property successfully, you need to follow up on any leads fast. That’s where text messaging for realtors comes in handy. Thanks to launchcontrol.us, you can enjoy an SMS marketing service that will ensure quick follow up for all leads. 


7 Quick Steps to Successful Real Estate Text Messaging Marketing


  1. Choose The Right Provider 


Find the right text messaging service to allow the automation of sending and receiving text messages. You can always use your phone but you will be limited to sending a few messages every few minutes. It’s tough to automate the process if you are handling everything manually. 


Thanks to Launch Control, you can enjoy an amazing service for text message automation. Here, you can send and receive texts online, schedule texts, and also create various lists of contacts. The platform is affordable and there are no limits to the number of text messages you can send or receive. 


  1. Upload And Segment Contacts


Once you have found a great SMS provider for your real estate marketing needs, you need to upload your contacts and segment them into various groups. Remember, just because you have your potential clients’ phone numbers, you don’t have permission to start texting them. You need their consent before sending any messages. 


If you have less than 100 contacts, you should copy-paste them on Launch Control. If there is a larger list, you can use a spreadsheet. Once you have fed all the data on the platform, you can start segmenting the contacts and start sending relevant messages, thanks to the easy-to-use platform. 


  1. Create The Best Messages 


If you want to create a successful real estate marketing campaign, you need to have an enticing message. Talk to your potential clients like you would talk to a friend. Don’t use too much jargon or technical terms. Make sure the message is simple and don’t forget to proofread to avoid any unprofessional grammar or spelling errors. 


  1. Create A Schedule 


Once you have come up with the right message, you need to come up with a proper schedule for sending the texts to your leads. The right time to send messages to your leads depends on the situation at hand. Try contacting your potential clients when they are least busy. That’s why you need to have some understanding of your buyer personas. 


If someone sends an inquiry, you should respond within the shortest time possible. If they don’t respond to the first message, you should avoid sending them another message for a while and wait a while before sending one. 


  1. Share Property Details To Interested Leads 


Share property details with people who opt-in for the text messages. You can do this effortlessly using Launch Control. You can send photos of the property, a Google Maps link, your contact information, a website link, and links to real estate websites such as Zillow to any warm and interested leads. 


  1. Send Automated Messages To Cold Leads 


Did you receive an inquiry from an interested buyer but then they went cold without further questions? Well, you can make them interested in your services by using an automated message. 


Don’t spam them with messages about the type of services you offer. Rather, you should send them a few well-timed reminders about what you are offering. These reminders could work wonders and make them interested in your services once again. 


  1. Monitor And Optimize Campaigns 


If you want to be successful in real estate marketing, you need to find your niche and stick with it. Use the text messaging platform reporting feature to assess the overall performance of your campaigns. You should be able to monitor the response rates to identify the most suitable time of day or week with the best performance. Once you have this information, you can adjust the future campaigns accordingly.


Remember, successful text messaging in real estate marketing only works if you understand your customers. Check what has been working and remove what hasn’t been working to guarantee success. Whether it’s monitoring your daily, weekly or monthly results, you should be able to identify the best strategies to improve your text messaging campaigns effortlessly.


Final Thoughts 


If you are looking for an effective and reliable way of connecting with your customers as a real estate professional, text messaging is the best way out. When done right, it works perfectly compared to numerous other communication channels available in the digital world. 


Remember, text messages are not a replacement for in-person interaction or smartphone outreach. Not all people want to communicate through text. However, automated text messages are highly-effective as tools for real estate marketing. Contact Launch Control today and start your first text messaging campaign. It’s the surest way to boost your marketing efforts in your real estate company.