7 Steps To Using Text Messaging For Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Investors Unleash the power of Text Messaging with these 7 Steps

In these 7 steps to using Text Messaging For Real Estate Investors blog, we hope to help you see the benefits of SMS for your real estate business. Did you know that the open rate for text messages is over 98 percent? If you are in real estate and are not using text messaging for lead follow-up, you are doing your business a great disservice. After all, successfully selling a property depends on your ability to quickly follow up on leads and one of the best tools for lead follow-up is text messaging.

7 Quick Steps to Successful Real Estate Text Messaging Marketing

If you are wondering how you can use text messaging for your real estate business, here are 7 quick steps for you to follow.

1. Work with the Right Provider

You will need a text messaging service to help you automate sending and receiving text messages. You could obviously use your phone, but that limits you to sending just a specific number of messages every few minutes and it is impossible to automate the process if you do everything manually.

Launch Control is an excellent option for text message automation. The platform allows you to send and receive text messages online, schedule text messages, create multiple lists of contacts, and much more. It is also inexpensive and allows you to send an unlimited number of messages.

2. Upload and Segment Contacts

Once you have found the right provider to work with, the next step is to upload and segment your current contact list into groups. Don’t forget that simply because you have a person’s phone number, it doesn’t automatically mean that you have permission to be texting them. Always have explicit consent from contacts before sending mass text messages.

If your database has 100 or fewer contacts, you can simply copy and paste their details into Launch Control. If you have a larger list, you can upload a spreadsheet. Once you have entered all the data, you can use it to segment your contacts so that you only send them relevant messages. Fortunately, the platform allows you to do exactly that.

3. Perfect Your Message

The most important part of your text messaging marketing campaign is the message copy, which why you need to take time to perfect it. Write as if you are talking to your friend, which means avoid using too much jargon and technical terms. You should also make your message simple and proofread it to be sure that there are no spelling or grammar errors that can make you seem unprofessional.

4. Set a Messaging Schedule

Once you develop the right message to send to leads, it will be important to set a messaging schedule. The time you choose to text your leads will depend on the specific situation. You should generally strive to contact leads when they are least busy. To do this, you will need to have a good understanding of your buyer personas.

If a lead submits an inquiry, you should contact them within the shortest time possible. If they fail to respond to the message, you should avoid messaging them repeatedly for several days in a row.

5. Send Property Details to Interested “Warm” Leads

You can send prospects that opt-in to your text messaging campaign details of the property and Launch Control allows you to do just that. The platform allows you to send interested leads photos of the property, your contact information, a link to Google Maps, a link to your website, a link to real estate websites such as Zillow, and so much more.

6. Create Automated Messages for Sending to “Cold” Leads

If you get an inquiry from a prospective home buyer, but they then go “cold” without any further inquiry, an automated message could be exactly what’s needed to bring them back in and get them interested once more in what you have to offer.

For this, you don’t want to ‘spam’ the lead, but a few properly timed reminders about what you are offering could be just what’s needed to convert them into a ‘warm’ lead or even a customer.

7. Monitor and Optimize Campaigns

Success in real estate marketing comes down to finding what works for you. Use your text messaging platform’s reporting feature to evaluate the performance of your campaigns. Monitor the response rates to determine the most suitable time of day or even day of the week that performs best and adjust future campaigns accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Text messaging is one of the most effective and reliable methods for your real estate business to connect with customers. If done right, it works much better than the vast majority of other communication channels.

Text messaging is not a replacement for either face-to-face interaction or smartphone outreach and not everybody wants to communicate via text. However, an automated text messaging campaign can be highly effective when it comes to real estate marketing.

So, reach out to Launch Control today to add text messaging to your real estate process and watch your business soar!

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