7 Benefits of using the right Skip Tracing Real Estate app


Skip tracing real estate is commonly utilized in the real estate industry to identify property owners who are likely to be motivated sellers. By seeking to locate these owners, real estate professionals are looking for investments, listings, and amazing wholesale prices.

Rather than sending out direct mail, skip tracing can be a more effective approach to reach out to these potential sellers.

You’ll be able to find homeowners who other investors might overlook, giving you a better chance of closing deals with motivated sellers.

There are many benefits of using the right skip tracing real estate app, and we have outlined seven below:

Information Availability

As a real estate professional, one advantage of using the correct skip tracing app is the convenience with which you can access information from phone numbers to addresses. For example, the Launch Control App relieves you of the stress of having to hunt for this information.

Lead generation and outreach with a high volume of leads

Working those leads at a high volume, which is simple when you can get contact information tracing on huge batches of property owners all at once, is the key to producing high-volume sales. This is especially true when your follow-up takes absolutely no time at all per lead.

Skip tracing is a considerably more efficient way of generating leads. It takes some time to travel throughout town looking for “for sale by owner” signs. Allow Launch Control App to generate lists of possible clients, and your agents to begin qualifying the best leads for you to pursue.

Concentrate your efforts on closing deals

When the phone rings with interested parties, you may concentrate on closing the deal. In the time it took you to get a few callbacks, you could have lined up enough work to keep you busy for a week or more. Access to cost-effective skip tracing solutions like the Launch Control app allows you to perform more work with less personnel input, allowing you to spend more time closing, regardless of what you’re dealing with.

 Less Competition

Skip tracing assists real estate investors in locating ‘missing property owners,’ as the name implies. There’s a significant probability there won’t be any further offers once you’ve been approached. As a result, you’ll be in a better position to reach an agreement with the property owner that benefits both parties.

Skip tracing real estate can assist investors in tapping into any market at any time

You may use skip tracing to negotiate a price on any piece of real estate you want by behaving like a bounty hunter and seeking to locate property owners.

Best Match Options

The premium skip tracing service from Launch Control has a 98 percent match rate, and you only pay for matches that put you in touch with property owners. The results are immediate, so you won’t have to wait days for the information you need to continue your operation.

Allows you to reach out to a larger group of potential clients

Another significant benefit of skip tracing strategies, particularly bulk skip tracing, is that it allows you to obtain information on a larger number of potential clients. Essentially, rather than limiting yourself to houses that are already on the market, you can locate excellent deals on properties that have yet to be advertised, giving you an advantage over other real estate text messaging. This way, instead of making a lot of money on one property and then seeing a major drop in the other, you’ll be able to make a lot of money on a lot of properties.

Wrap Up

You will undoubtedly stay at the top of the game if you employ skip tracing correctly. This is because you will be able to target prospects that other real estate investors are unable to reach, resulting in more sales and helping you stand out from the crowd.

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