6 Tips to Writing Real Estate SMS Marketing Messages


Having trouble with writing your real estate SMS marketing copy? Check out this article to consider some tips that can help you. Many real estate agents struggle to write copies that capture the interest of their readers and ultimately fail to nurture them. They could send bulk messages all day but fail to gain a single client. However, there is a solution to that. In this article, you will learn some tips about writing real estate SMS marketing copy to capture your client’s interests. 

Tips to Help You Write a Good SMS Marketing Copy

  1. Sound Real

Text messages often fail to capture your audience’s attention due to their generic nature. Since most automated responses are generated by computers and sent to several individuals, they lack human connection and often sound bland when read. As a result, many prospects or clients are quick to disregard them. To reduce such occurrences, it is best advised to sound authentic with your messages. Reveal your personality through your messages by paying attention to the tone and style of the message. Be consistent with the way you sound on every platform, whether it is on your website or your emails.  


  1. Simplify your Language

On most occasions, many companies often think using vocabulary or technical jargon will convince the recipients that they are industry experts. Meanwhile, that isn’t the case. Ask yourself this question. What did you do the last time you encountered a book or piece of literature that you find difficult to understand? Do you continue reading it? Of course not! The same rule applies to writing text messages for the real estate market. Many customers will disregard your text messages once it’s filled with lots of technical jargon. They would shy away from any complicated texts and opt for one in plain language. 


  1. Personalize your Message

It is essential to connect with your prospect or client when dealing with real estate SMS marketing. Why? Many customers will disregard your message once it sounds like it is coming from a robot. A great way to do this is by personalizing your messages. To do this, obtain some vital details (name, property preferences, location, and more) about your clients. What you have to do is to key these details into your messages. For instance, you can address them by your name or talk about the reason why they want to buy a property. If they are looking for a property within a location, you can use the details to catch their attention. 


  1. Say Who You Are

As obvious as this sounds, you must do it. Don’t be surprised as many realtors forget to attach their signatures to their messages. If a retail business forgoes this rule, this same doesn’t apply to you as you are a small business. Whether it is you or a member of your team that is sending the text message, ensure you add your signature. When you do this, you give your potential customer the advantage to connect with you and call you when necessary.


  1. Limit the Word Count

The first few lines of your message capture your recipient’s attention. That is why you need to send a message that is concise and straight to the point. Since the number of word counts doesn’t exceed 160 characters, you don’t have to beat around the bush but send a short message. A short message keeps your readers interested in what you have to say.


  1. Shorten Links

When doing real estate SMS marketing, you can include short links to your messages. This short link can direct them to another platform such as YouTube to show them a video tour. However, ensure the link isn’t too long. A long link that consists of characters and symbols will make you look suspicious. Instead, ensure your link is branded with your company’s name to prove authenticity. 



Real estate SMS marketing requires creative writing to capture your audience’s attention. Get started with Launch Control today to derive several benefits for your business. 


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