6 Effective Real Estate SMS Marketing Strategies


The right, real estate SMS marketing strategies assures you of seamless home sales that put you at rest, free from market pressure. Read on to learn more in this guide.

An average real estate agent spends most of their time trying to respond to several queries about a property listing or best market offers. This could be very overwhelming for a realtor to handle thus the need to take on effective strategies that will yield positive results when those questions come popping in from interested clients. 

In this guide, you’ll learn everything that you need to know about SMS marketing strategies that will prosper your real estate business. Inclusive as part of this guide is the assurance that these strategies will 10x your real estate endeavors. Let’s set the ball rolling!

Always Share New Listings

A strong strategy to be deployed when using real estate SMS marketing is to imbibe the habit of strategically sharing new property listings in your area with clients. This is the most popular utility of SMS marketing in real estate as it can be used to educate clients who are looking for an abode about what is available or unavailable.

You can simply send your client customized messages about current listings. You can also integrate videos and top-quality images as MMS for clients to have better eyes on what they’ll be investing in.

Easily Keep in Touch With Clients From The Past

Keep in mind that real estate marketing is a continuous enterprise, so there’s no such word as “former client” per se because you never can tell which of your conversations can create a spark of a new offer. Real estate SMS marketing, when rightfully engaged can revive past communications with clients and also position you for a better shot.

Acquire Several Emails

Another effective strategy that can be used by real estate agents and institutions in maximizing their market goals is to get as many emails as they possibly can. This can be utilized for sending out new market offers to clients as a bulk broadcast. This is similar to sending out newsletters, but in this case, you’ll be working with a list of SMS subscribers.

Send SMS Updates and Reminders

The real estate SMS marketing technique list is not complete without you taking a deliberate effort to send property reminders to clients who have initially shown interest in your service. Just like every other thriving business in the world today, you can maximize the power of SMS in marketing your real estate values to prospects with guaranteed sales conversion.

Take on Cold Leads

The primary goal of SMS marketing in real estate is to ensure that property sales are actualized within the desired time. Cold leads are persons who have subscribed to your SMS list but have not taken any step to engage any of your brand advertisements, nor reacted to your advances.

This technique involves identifying and re-engaging cold leads on your list with the objective that they will engage your real estate offers. It is however important that you work on a better strategy when engaging cold leads so as not to lose them to the same old methods.

Go Short on Text

When it comes to real estate SMS marketing, the shorter the message, the more likely you’ll get the attention of your clients. Rather than stuff your message with mundane conversations that have no relevance to the needs of your clients, make use of concise words that have some weight.

The best SMS marketing for real estate is the one that you have decided to develop yourself in. This list of strategies guarantees you improvement in your business as a real estate agent. If you’re however sceptical about which SMS marketing software to use, feel at liberty to try out Launch Control for stellar real estate marketing tools that will help make the best of your real estate business.


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