5 Real Estate SMS Marketing Message Templates


In the real estate industry, timing is crucial. Research shows that 95% of text are opened and replied to within three minutes. By now you probably know the positive impacts of real estate SMS marketing, or text marketing – how it can generate leads and convert those leads. But how do you get started? Lack of inspiration is a problem many real estate marketers face when writing copy. You could find yourself struggling to use the right words or typing the wrong message, struggling to incite a response from your clients. If this is you, then worry no more.. This article outlines the top 5 real estate marketing message templates you can save and send to your clients when needed.

Why Use SMS Message Templates for Your Real Estate Business?

Real estate text message templates save you time composing messages and facilitate quick, conversational responses when communicating with clients or leads and prospects. Here are three great reasons to zero in on strategic template messages when getting started with real estate SMS marketing.

  1. Communicate Quickly

    Text messages reach your clients faster on their mobile phones than on any digital device. Since research speculates that more than 50% of online traffic now happen through mobile phones, and your clients are more likely to see a message or notification pop onto their screen. As a result, you can use SMS text marketing to engage your clients and prospects more quickly than other media such as email, mail or social media accounts. Be sure to have a well crafted message with a clear call to action (CTA) guiding the recipient toward what you want them to do. Whether it is a sign-up offer, scheduling open houses, or a quick follow-up, SMS marketing grants you the opportunity to do this quickly and effectively.

  2. Personalize Messages

    Real estate SMS marketing enables realtors to personalize their client’s messages to their specific wants or needs. For example, you can customize your client’s messages by listing prices and setting up the property preferences – the number of bedrooms and bathrooms they want – that fall within their budget. Since you can’t send generic messages to your clients, SMS marketing allows you to customize messages to suit your audience using personalization tokens. With this, your messages can stay more relevant and be of value to your clients

  3. Manage Follow-ups

    In SMS marketing, a real estate agent can use bulk messaging or quick replies to send follow-up messages to people. You can send automatic responses to people who may have visited your office or logged into your website in the past. Since many real estate agents struggle to follow up on their clients through calls or emails, text messages come in handy and connect you with your clients. All you need to do is to copy the message templates and send them to your clients.


Top 5 Real Estate Templates for SMS Marketing 

  1. New Sign-up Template

    Hi [First Name], thanks for signing up for texts with [Brand Name]. Do you want to buy or sell a home?

    Tip: Use the client’s responses to segment your audience and reach more people.


  2. Information Request Template

    Once you have connected with your prospect, you can share information about your listings. It can be a link that directs to a page where all your properties are listed or a specific property you think your client will need. Ensure you personalize this message. 

    Hi [First Name], this is [Real Estate Agent Name] from [Brand Name]. Thanks for filling out our form that informs you about our available listings. Here are some of the available listings that you may like:

    [Listing 1 link] 

    [Listing 2 link]

    [Listing 3 link]


  3. Open House Template

    With real estate SMS marketing, you can inform your prospects about open houses and other offers more quickly rather than making a phone call or sending an email. 
    Hi [First Name], I hope your week is going well. We have some exciting open houses for you this week. 

    [Open House 1 Address] on [Open House 1  Date] by [Open House 1 Time]

    [Open House 2 Address] on [Open House 2  Date] by [Open House 2 Time]
    [Open House 3 Address] on [Open House 3  Date] by [Open House 3 Time]

    Let me know if you are interested. Thank you.


  4. Showing Reply Template

    I’d love to show the property at [property address]! I will see you on [Showing Date] by [Showing Time].


  5. Follow-Up Template

    Hi [First Name], this is [Real Estate Agent Name] from [Brand Name]. You reached out to me last week about the property at [Listing Address]. It’s still available for sale. Do you want me to show you around? Here is a link that can give you a preview of what you are getting. Let me know if you want to see it this week.


SMS Text Marketing with Strategy

Again, lack of inspiration often holds realtors back from using an SMS engagement strategy. If you’re ready to activate the power of real estate SMS marketing, Launch Control is here for you.

With Launch on your side, you’ll have lifetime SMS engagement support, including written content and proven templates. We help you set up your campaigns, provide tools for personalizing your messages, and guide you toward engaging with your clients. Getting started is simple, and you’ll quickly see how SMS marketing engagement is the most cost effective channel for your real estate business. Give us a call today to get started.

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