5 Effective Tips that Can Help You with Real Estate SMS Marketing in 2022


The 5 effective  Real Estate SMS Marketing tips in 2022 include start by choosing the right service, send reminders about open houses, create automated messages for cold leads using Launch Control, send personalized messages, and finally keep your messages short


One of the most effective marketing strategies in the real estate industry is SMS Marketing. Unlike other marketing channels, text messages have a 98% open rate or more. In other words, your text messages are bound to be read by prospects the moment they get delivered. 


Due to this, real estate agents can utilize this channel to boost their business, attract clients, and ultimately convert them. But how can you get these benefits? Well, here are some effective tips that can help you get the best results with SMS Marketing in the real estate industry.


  • Start by Choosing the Right Service

The first thing to set up is to find the right service that can automate the process of sending and receiving messages. Although you can use your phone, you won’t be able to perform the task efficiently. Why? The number of messages you can send every few minutes is limited. You will need more to automate the process rather than manually sending the message. 


Launch Control is a viable option for your Real Estate SMS Marketing campaign. You can easily send and receive messages, schedule text messages, and create the contact you want to send the messages to. Besides, it is relatively affordable and you can select a package that is similar to the size of your business. 


  • Send Reminder about Open Houses

The fastest way to gain the interest of a potential customer when selling a home is through open houses. With SMS marketing, you can gain more results. How? The truth is many people often forget about an open house due to the usual hustling and bustling of the day. The best way to remind them about an upcoming open house is to send them text messages before the event occurs. For instance, you can schedule text messages for leads a few days before the event. Then, on the morning of the event, you can send them another text. This keeps them updated about your event and can prompt them to attend.


  • Create Automated Messages for Cold Leads

If you get an inquiry from a potential client and they suddenly stop going further, then an automated message may be all you need to get interested in your service again. You can do this by sending a message a week later with a link that can enable them to visit your website. Here, they can see all enlisted properties, thereby prompting them to give you another chance. However, it is essential not to spam your prospect with lots of messages during this process. A few reminders are all they need to get back to you and become a real buyer. Therefore, do not stop sending follow-ups just because your potential clients aren’t responding.


  • Send Personalized Messages

It is not enough that you get the contact of a potential client. Sometimes, you have to make them feel welcome. To do this, you need to customize each message to fit the needs of every potential client. Without customization, you can sound like a stranger that wants to rip them off. But when you customize, your messages have a higher chance of being read, thereby prompting them to take further actions. 


  • Keep Your Messages Short

The content of your messages needs to be concise. Send every useful detail to your clients within 160 characters. You can include some photos or links to intrigue your potential clients and get them interested in your services. Finally, include a call-to-action to prompt your prospect in taking the desired step.



Real Estate SMS Marketing is effective for many real estate agents today. If you are struggling to achieve the desired result, you can contact Launch Control for help and make all struggles become history. 


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