5 Effective Real Estate Text Message Marketing Strategies


Real Estate Text Message Marketing Strategies


5 Effective Real Estate Text Message Marketing Strategies

If your focus is keeping alive communication with your leads especially in real estate, you definitely cannot downplay the use of text messages. Sending of mails is a way to reach a large number of people anyways and is no doubt adopted by many. But if you choose to send out text messages, you have an advantage.


It is reported that text messages have a 98% chance of being opened and read. This is unlike emails that could be ignored or remain unopened and eventually trashed. Well, the fact that it gets to those you send them to directly is a plus. 


Many text messages do not contain many words so there is not that feeling of doing a chore when reading them. One glance and it’s read. More than that, they have a personal air that gets the heart of the reader.


It sounds easy, right? Yes, it is when done the right way. It takes more than typing words and pressing the send button to effectively get your desired result. Since your reason for wanting to consider using text messaging is to get to your lead, you would want to get it right.


  • Pick Your Who


Who is your target? You cannot write up just any text messages to anyone. Your best bet would be to identify those you believe would need what you are selling. For instance, you cannot be sending out texts for a large bungalow that costs $50,000 to students with a budget of $15, 000. 


You would want to know who they are, what their budget for a home is as well as what location they are interested in. 


Research to know who your potential clients would be and what they are looking for so you don’t sell what they are not looking for. Your research can be done using any marketing platform. 


You can create a texting list by asking people to indicate their interest in receiving messages from you. A way to easily get people on your list is by giving an offer by joining the mailing list.


Knowing who you are reaching out to would help you effectively disseminate exclusive offers to the right audience.


While sending out text messages, it cannot be overemphasized that you do not want to be pushy. 


  • Select A Good Platform


Many people decide to use text message marketing for Real Estate but because they have no experience they go about it wrongly. You could get more benefits from text message marketing if you get a text messaging platform to assist you.


Getting your messages out through a text messaging platform allows you to send out messages in bulk to the clients on your lists. You would also be able to personalize each message for its recipient.


A good platform would also allow you to track the performance of your messages. This includes showing you how many people open your messages and the rate they respond to you. It is important to let you know which message and which group engages with your text the most.


Knowing which text performs better or which group responds better or which time gets the goal, you are better positioned to plan for next time.


  • Draw Up A Schedule


Being consistent is the soul of business. When would you want to send out text messages? Who gets which text and when? Those are questions you would need to answer. 


Having drawn up different lists of leads and sorting them out, you could use your calendar to pick the date you dispatch individual batches of messages. 


Your choice of date would depend on your research. Some prospects may require a message every month or quarterly. For those who need a house urgently, you may need to send out texts daily.


Your timing has to be excellent as well. You cannot be texting clients by 1 am on getting an apartment. That sounds absurd! They are probably sleeping. A perfect time when your clients are not too busy and would have time to respond almost immediately is your best bet. 


Remember that you do not want to sound too pushy on your prospects. So ensure your messages do not become too much as to weary your recipients. 


  • Draft And Brush Up


Let us not forget we are sending out text messages, so you have to write your text message. Do not be in haste to send out your message. Check for errors in spelling or grammar. You want to make your text stand out so it would be to your advantage to include copywriting to your messages.


Your text should not have too many unnecessary words. They should be as easy to understand as possible. Don’t forget to include a personal tone in your messages as well. 


This might not be easy at your first attempt so you could write more than one before eventually sending it out. These precautions are always worth it. In many instances, your text might be a first impression or a lasting one and you do not want to ruin it.


  • Include A Call To Action, Your Identity


You are sending out text messages for a reason, right? Never forget to include that in our message. Your contacts should know what to do and how to get it done. Many call-to-action usually have the required leads to place a call or visit a website. 


For some, shortcodes can be used as prompts clients would follow to getting answers.  You could ask your clients to subscribe to receive more updates by clicking a link or sending a shortcode. 


A call to action could also be to assist your survey in preparing your texting list. Your clients are bound to engage in your text messages if it includes a call to action.


Your client should be able to know who is sending them this text. Even if they are people with your contact already, it is not too much to write your name and that of your agency. Not only does it give credence to the text it also distinguishes your message from one sent by error.

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