5 Best Practices in Real Estate SMS Marketing


Real estate SMS marketing remains one of the most effective marketing strategies in the real estate industry. With an open rate of 98%, you have a high chance of reaching your target audience, generating leads, and eventually converting them. However, this isn’t possible if you do not implement the best practices associated with SMS marketing in the real estate industry. 


Whether you are advertising your properties, renting, selling, or even managing, you have to adopt some practices that can grant you a high return on your original investments. In this article, you will learn about five best practices you can implement with real estate SMS marketing


5 Best Practices to Adopt in Real Estate SMS Marketing

In most situations, there is no need to stop other marketing strategies just because you want to adopt SMS marketing. That isn’t how it should work. What you need to do is to examine how to implement SMS marketing even with your current techniques. Take a look at your current strategies and determine how text messages can be a bonus to it. 


Although there are many methods you can adopt to text messaging strategies, here are five practices you can adopt to achieve results. 


  1. Set Appointments and Reminders

Although appointments are often set through phone calls, emails, or even in-person, SMS marketing also performs an awesome job of connecting with your prospects and tenants. You can use Launch Control to schedule all your text messages to the intended recipients thanks to its all-in-one messages features. You can also set up reminders through SMS to inform your prospects or tenants about an upcoming activity such as house inspection, maintenance work, payday, and more.


  1. Share New Property Listings

Anyone looking for a new property knows how essential it is to seal the deal before it becomes unavailable. If they need information about these listings, you can’t stay engrossed in the matter 24/7. Here is how real estate SMS marketing can help. With bulk messages, you can inform your prospects about new properties with just a single click. You can utilize MMS messages to share images, include a link that directs them to a short video tour of the property, and book time for new appointments. Launch Control gives you the advantage to share new property listings with a large number of clients at a given time. 


  1. Use shortcodes or keywords

Shortcodes are five to six digits a prospect can use to get more information about a specific property. Keywords perform the same function as shortcodes except that they are not fully digits. For instance, keywords can be in the form of H1, H2, or H3 when you are listing the properties in a specific area. All your prospects need to do with the keyword is to text a particular keyword to get information about a property. For instance, if your prospect texts H1 to your number, he can get all the vivid information about a particular property through keywords. 

As a realtor, you can update your prospects about these codes or keywords on your advertising materials such as flyers, your listing magazines, online ads, and more. 


  1. Re-engage cold leads

Cold leads are ideal who have shown signs of interest in the sales cycle but haven’t interacted with your brand. They are those who have interacted with you but due to one reason or the other, they stopped communicating with you. If you are experiencing this as a realtor, SMS marketing can warm these leads again and get them to achieve your goals. You can start by asking if they still want a property. If they show positive signs, you can reveal the properties in the location they desire, then schedule an appointment with them to move the deal forward. 


  • Personalize your Message

The messages you send shouldn’t sound abstract to your prospects. Thus, make it engaging to the audience. Although your message must be concise, allow it to have a friendly touch that will make your clients think they matter to you.



Real estate SMS marketing is an effective method of targeting potential leads and ultimately achieving your goals. Use Launch Control for your SMS marketing to stay updated with these practices and derive other benefits. 



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