5 Amazing Benefits of Real Estate SMS Marketing

real estate SMS marketing
Real estate SMS marketing is changing the focus of the industry from just making sales to building lasting customer relationships. Many agents are taking advantage of this innovation and relying on text messages to cultivate and nurture these relationships into deals. This article highlights the benefits of real estate SMS marketing as an untapped marketing channel for filling your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with potential deals. Text marketing makes it easier for real estate companies or agents to nurture their prospects who will later or immediately turn into clients. 

Real Estate SMS Marketing–What does it entail?

Real estate agents can initiate property sales effortlessly and quickly, but this will not always be the case. SMS helps you reach out to prospects more quickly and encourages buyer-seller relationships. It also allows you to initiate conversations and exchange info at the convenience of your client, setting the groundwork to build the relationships that can lead to lifelong clients. Most people today have their smartphones at their fingertips, giving you easy access to their attention through texting. In fact, most adults in the U.S. check their phones about once every 10 minutes. All you need to do is focus on the message your clients and prospects need, and leverage an SMS marketing platform to work smarter (and avoid trying to manage everything manually from your phone.) Many reliable real estate SMS service providers like Launch Control have made real estate marketing easy, especially for entry-level users. But with Launch, you get the proven methodology behind text message marketing that is more than just a software platform.

Benefits of Real Estate SMS Marketing

Anyone can receive text messages on their phones, making it easy for real estate info and offers to reach your target audience quickly. In this section, we’ll focus on the top 5 benefits of real estate SMS marketing.

1.  It Costs Less

Setting up your real estate campaign nowadays doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. In today’s fast-paced environment, it’s easy to get lured into testing every channel that promises a return. But the truth is, many traditional marketing channels such as direct mail, pay-per-click (PPC), advertising, cold calling, and even email marketing take months to fill a pipeline and often have low response rates.  While emails and cold calling might seem free or cheap, they cost more in valuable time and are slow to perform. It’s also been proven that SMS campaigns for real estate services are more cost-effective than email marketing or direct mail and also have better lead conversion rates. To top it off SMS can help you focus on lean marketing.

 2.  Reach More Prospects Simultaneously

One unique feature that makes real estate text marketing campaigns stand out is the possibility of sending bulk messages to clients. This feature has the potential to achieve a high return on your investment. In addition to that, you can sort and monitor client responses based on different parameters. Pro Tip: To avoid issues with your carrier, it’s best to vary your messages rather than sending a bulk message with the same content to many recipients. Remember, texting is not emailing. It should be crafted as a one-to-one message rather than one-to-many. This brings us straight into the third benefit. . .

3.  More Personal 

SMS marketing gives a personal touch to your communication with prospects. When compared to emails which, though they can be personalized, are generally a one to many channel, sending text messages makes it a conversation for both parties. Texting can be more comfortable for real estate prospects and elicit higher responses. Asides from that, SMS marketing can be used as a more direct communication. Using an SMS marketing platform you can create targeted and personalized communications. This means that you can send relevant and valuable information to your audience, which can increase the chances of them engaging with your business. Again, more personal, conversational messages = higher responses and more deals! It’s a win win.

4.  Stand Out from the Crowd

The average person receives at least 121 emails each day, making it easy to get lost in the mix. When using SMS marketing, your recipients don’t have to worry about losing vital messages as they have quick access from their phone and your message is less likely to get buried. Additionally, text marketing has a high open and conversion rate, with a reported 98% open rate and 45% conversion rate for SMS marketing campaigns. This means that when you send an SMS message to a potential client, there’s a good chance they’ll see it and take action.

5.  Easy to Measure

SMS marketing is easy to track and analyze, allowing you to see which messages are performing well and which aren’t. This information can help you improve your campaigns and better target your marketing efforts. A great SMS marketing platform will provide a dashboard with KPIs to keep you on target to close more deals. At Launch, we take it a step further. Not only is it easy to track and measure your KPIs, but Launchers also get access to our client success team, a network of the top real estate investors nationwide, and proven strategies to develop a routine to keep your deal pipeline full.


The Bottom Line for SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a very powerful tool for real estate agents to have in their arsenal. This helps connect with customers, carry out special actions like message scheduling or remind them of special property offers. Launch Control is the most effective real estate SMS marketing platform that empowers you to leverage real estate marketing strategy at an affordable price.  Unlike other platforms on the market, Launch Control is built upon tested strategy and does not charge per message fees. In fact, replies, drip automations and all conversations are complimentary. And, the user-friendly interface makes it easy to connect with your clients often. You can try out our SMS service today and wave goodbye to struggling in your sales.

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