3 Surprising Dos and Don’ts in Real Estate SMS Marketing


In this article, you will discover surprising moves that would triple your Real Estate SMS Marketing results and you will also find out some erroneous moves that could hamper your campaign.

You are a real estate agent looking forward to leasing out some properties through the easiest marketing channel – SMS Marketing. Although you have tried using this channel in the past, you discover you don’t understand what it takes to get the best results through the channel. No matter how hard you try, you are not converting customers as you should. So, what do you do?


On many occasions,  the content of your marketing strategy is the key to achieving incredible results. For SMS Marketing in the Real Estate Industry, what is of great importance to you is the messages you compose and send to your prospects. Now that you know the essential item in Real Estate SMS Marketing, how do you do it? What are the dos and don’ts involved in this process? Let’s find out in this article. 


Getting Ahead with SMS Marketing in the Real Estate Industry: What to Do in Real Estate SMS Marketing

Text messages are a perfect option for every salesperson. Thanks to its conversational and information flair, it is a suitable option for many individuals who want to chat with their friends, family, or loved ones. As a real estate agent, the first stage is getting your prospect to trust you. Meet your potential clients at the point of their needs. While email may appear like a red flag to them, a text message can catch them when their guard is down. 


Hence, here are three tips that can help you to make the most use of SMS Marketing as a real estate agent. 

  • Personalize and Shorten the Messages

The shorter your message, the higher the chance of having it read and remembered. Compose your text in a short and simple way for your client to remember. Also, make the messages about them. Use the lead’s name and utilize something you know about them. For instance, you can remind them of the last property they visited and share similar options relating to it. You can also get them to answer your questions as long as it is short and straight to the point. 


  • Set-Up Opt-In Opportunities

Even though it is easy to text cold prospects, texting existing leads is easier and can produce better results. Allow your potential leads to opt-in for your messages when they intend to do. This could be when they want to register for an open house, make inquiries, or schedule an appointment with you. Besides, they are more likely to text you if they know how often you will contact them.


  • Send Targeted Messages with Photos and Links

Although you may have lots of listings to share with your clients, you can send the one that hits right with them through their preferences. Select the ultimate listing and pair it with your best photos. Then, they will make further inquiries due to enthusiasm.


SMS Marketing in the Real Estate Industry: What Not to Do in Real Estate SMS Marketing

As you have known what to do with text messages, there are some ideas you should not do when it comes to SMS Marketing. Here are three tips that can guide you.


  • Never Send more than One Message to People who Are yet to Opt-In

Under the FCC Rules, you can only send text messages to your prospect to introduce yourself and tell them what to do. However, do not over bug them with messages. Wait till they opt-in for more information if they are new. If they are existing leads, you can send follow-up messages.


  • Do not Text Numbers on the Do Not Call Registry

In 2003, the launch of the National Do Not Call Registry was a win for many customers. Since then, enforcement of the registry remains paramount and could attract heavy fines if misused. If you want to get in touch with these numbers, you will need to seek permission in advance before texting them.


  • Don’t Send Group Texts

Sending group texts to a bunch of prospects could make them lose interest in you, especially when they don’t know you. The best thing to do is to customize each message to each lead to get the best results.



Text Messages are here to stay in the Real Estate Industry. With Launch Control, you can customize your messages to create value and attract potential clients. 


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