3 Benefits Of SMS For Realtors

Before you start a text messaging campaign for your real estate business, you need the ultimate guide on SMS for Realtors works. Since communication in the real estate industry has gotten critical, agents, realtors, and brokers utilize a valuable channel that allows prospective buyers to contact them with ease, and increase their sales activities. Research shows that about 90% of text messages are responded to within or less than 30 minutes and 89% of realtors use the channel to communicate with their clients or prospects. 


SMS has become valuable with lots of benefits attached to it in the real estate industry. Unlike other industries, real estate is a time-sensitive one. Using a channel such as an email can make a buyer lose out on opportunities such as a new listing during the process of waiting. Meanwhile, text messaging allows agents to provide buyers with information that is quick to read and elicit fast responses from them. Besides, real estate agents who communicate with their clients through text messages encourage transparency and increase their chance of acquiring a new client. The fast and open-rate features of SMS make it a worthwhile channel and stand out among the rest. 


Benefits of Adopting SMS for Realtors

There are several reasons why SMS for Realtors is a viable option that targets your customer and increases the high conversion rate for various real estate campaigns.  Here are some benefits that realtors can consider and enjoy when selecting a text messaging platform over other channels of communication such as email. 


Engages your Audience

Other marketing channels in the real estate industry can only advertise your products and services without engaging the audience. However, this is totally different from text messaging. Text messages feature the use of shortcodes and keywords that allow your prospect to interact with your property. With these features, clients can text a particular keyword (shortcodes or long codes) to a number to gain more information about a property or service. This gives homeowners the time to navigate your properties without wasting their time to call you before they know about different properties offered for sale. 


Get Client Updated

SMS campaigns allow realtors to set up automated messages that consist of high-value listings and other relevant information about properties. You. and make it unique by attaching a specific keyword for each property. When you are sending property information to prospects through SMS, ensure you include additional information that would increase engagement rate as contacts read text messages within five minutes. Here is some information you may want to add to the text messages before sending to your clients;

  • Property Address
  • Property Size
  • Price of Property
  • A Google Map Link to the Property
  • The Image of the Property via MMS


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Start Your SMS For Realtors Campaign Today

SMS for Realtors has proven to be a reliable and efficient tool for communicating with clients and prospective homeowners. Unlike other communication channels such as phone calls or emails, SMS in the real estate industry remains the only channel with the highest open, engagement, and conversion rate that increases the chances of acquiring and retaining your clients. Give it a try today and enjoy all the benefits that are attached to it.