10 Most Effective Text Messaging Scripts For Real Estate Agents


Effective Text Messaging Scripts For Real Estate Agents

Text Messaging Scripts For Real Estate Agents

Real estate like any other business involves maintaining contact with your partners, clients, and of course prospects.

Phone calls and emails have proven to be reliable ways to get across to your potential buyers. But with the hassles of everyday life, we often can forget to read an email let alone respond to it. Just like us, recipients of our emails might never open the huge number they get and when they do, they might not respond.

Placing phone calls can seem a bit intrusive if not well done. But an excellent text message would be more to your advantage.

All forms of communications are equally important but sending text messages has a certain level of advantage. Sending a text message can create a personal relationship with your recipient. No one wants to do business with a robot, so sending texts that hit the right spot gives you extra points.

There is no doubt you would have words to say but getting them outright might be daunting sometimes. That is why experts make use of templates so you can use the most effective text messaging scripts for Real Estate Agents. They are renowned as time savers especially when you are not sure how to begin.

Here are samples of the 10 most effective Real Estate SMS scripts from experts.

  • Texts for requests 

This template allows you to ask for basic information from your prospective clients so you can know how to best help them. Using these templates, you could request information to help a client and a partner:

Hi Stella, 

Is your property at [address] still available for sale? Feel free to send a reply so we can assist you in getting a good buyer. 

Hi Stella,

We noticed you have not made a decision yet. Would you want a [make a suggestion] or is [suggest an area] a better option?

  • Texts for new sign-ups

This type of text accompanies a new sign-up to your mailing list. These prospects could come through referrals or sign-ins on web forms.

Hi Stella,

It’s so good to have you visit our website. Feel free to reply here if you need to be clear on other issues. [Your name and that of your agency]

Hi Stella,

Welcome on board! You can get your buildings sold at great prices you can trust. You can reply to this message if you need help.

  • Texts to respond to requests

Sometimes, your clients may make specific requests ranging from pricing to scheduling an appointment from you.

Hi Stella, 

I have [the client’s request]. If an hour from now is ok, I can get it to you

Hi Stella, 

I don’t see why you can’t [client’s request]. I’m available if you need to be clear on anything else.

  • Texts to assist buyers plan a showing

Your meeting for showing or viewing new homes could work both for new and old clients. People would love to see all their choices so they can be sure they made the best.

Hi Stella,

Guess… we got an acceptance for the [address of property]! When would you be available for a viewing?

Hi Stella,

We noticed your interest in [XYZ area]. There are a handful of 3-bedroom front lawn houses in the area. Don’t you think It would be nice if we go check them out?

  • Texts that inform buyers of change in price 

If the prices of buildings have changed, you can make that known through a text message.

Hi Stella,

Many properties at [location] have dropped from $120k to $100k. No better time than now my friend. I can schedule a viewing if you reply with your interest.

  • Texts to see alternatives

You have taken a client to view some homes and during the meeting, you observed that they would want an alternative. You could schedule a meeting or refer them to the website of your agency.

Hi Stella, 

There are homes similar to the one you saw at [previous location]. If you’re still interested, I could send a list [or schedule a meeting].

Hi Stella,

Seems you love a home within [location XYZ], there is information on homes within this area on our website [link to your website]

  • Texts to awaken dormant buyers 

Sending a text to a dormant buyer can rejuvenate a cold relationship. 

Hi Stella,

Your interest in [location or building] is commendable. The [pick a feature] is an amazing feature of the property. Call me so we can go see it.

  • Texts as follow up 

You do not have to wait for when the client comes around, you can send out a text message to follow up on an open deal or to serve as prompts.

Hi Stella,

The [pick a feature] would be great for family time together. Call me let’s get talking with the seller.

  • Texts to congratulate

So you have successfully closed a deal (with a buyer, seller, or partner). It would be nice of you to send out a congratulatory message to celebrate the win.

Hi Stella,

Congratulations on getting [what the deal was]. No doubt you would enjoy being in the new area.

  • Auto-response texts 

You can schedule auto-response messages that would be delivered when you are not available to respond immediately. This can be adjusted to suit whatever period it is being sent out. For instance, you might want to include that you are on vacation at the moment or you are meeting with another client.

Thanks for reaching out to me. I am currently [where you are] and would return your message shortly.


Thanks for reaching out to me. I am currently [where you are]. You can drop a call to [contact someone that can help them].

How to Send  Effective Text Messages using Text Messaging Scripts

Since we are sending out text messages, we would want to keep our content short. We make the text messages not just be sent but leave an impression and yield a response. You can back up the text with an email or a call that gives more details.

Remember that your name and that of your agency should be included in the text messages being sent out. Your recipients may not have your number saved on their contact list and having your name and that of your agency might ring a bell.

Sending out text messages with grammatical blunders does not give a good image of your agency so the text must be thoroughly checked before it is sent out. This would also involve not using too many abbreviations. Not everyone might understand.

Never lose the personal touch text messages carry. You can include the name or location of the client. You can also touch on previous areas in which this client has shown interest.

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